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Tomasz Imienowski
basista, kontrabasista


Tomasz Imienowski (born Jan 21 1984) – Polish musician, bass player. Member of SAWP(1). He received musical education in the matter of bass playing from W. Pilichowski(2) and K. Ścierański(3), among the others. He was invited to a guest spot at the DVD performance of W. Pilichowski, recorded and published in 2012. As a player of both bass guitar and double bass he has performed at 15 studio albums of various artists.
He is an active live performer in Poland and abroad (USA, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland). He can be met at the stage with his band “Imienowski Jazz Set”, “Piramidy” band, Krzysztof Tyniec, Natalia Lubrano and his original jazz projects.

1 SAWP (Polish: Stowarzyszenie Artystów Wykonawców Utworów Muzycznych i Muzyczno-słownych. English: Association of Artistic Performers of Musical and Musical – Verbal Compositions) – Polish association managing copyright and the related rights of Performers, established in Poland in 1995.
2 Wojciech Pilichowski (born 1969) – Polish bass virtuoso, one of the pioneers of modern bass guitar playing in Poland.
3 Krzysztof Ścierański (born 1954) – Polish bass master, acknowledged composer and bass mentor, known forexample from legendary Polish jazz band “Laboratorium”.

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