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JAZZ Beatles / Imienowski Jazz Set

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– a concert of
“Imienowski Jazz

JAZZ BEATLES / Imienowski Jazz Set

We are going to take you on a trip straight to Liverpool. You’ll hear all the essential hits of legendary “The Beatles”: “Can't Buy Me Love”, “Hey Jude”, “Get Back”, “Let It Be”, “Michelle”, “Yesterday”, “Come Together” and many more. We’re absolutely sure that returning to “The Beatles” evergreens played by our band will mean nothing but a pleasant evening for all.

By creating and performing their original songs without any help of professional “hired guns”, “The Beatles” have revolutionized pop and rock music in the early 60s.  Although their prime and fame were rather short – they disbanded in 1970 - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have started the new era in music. 

They also inspired a lot of jazz musicians. Our concert is going to be focused on the artistic output of “The Beatles”.

Tunes from various LPs will be presented in an unusual, different and sometimes unexpected perspective, interpreted in a jazzy manner.


Tomasz Imienowski - bass

Bartosz Krzywda - piano

Michał Lasota - drums

fot. Maria Krętkowska

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